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Helping women feel strong, beautiful and empowered at every stage of life!

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You can sweat with us!

Yoga Pose

Gym Location

303 N. 4th Street, Saint Charles IL

About Us

Fitness on the Fox stands out from other fitness groups because we offer a wide range of classes! You will see something different every day. Exercising is most effective when you constantly change up your workout routine. The energy you will feel during class will keep you coming back for more. We believe that every woman should feel strong and empowered! There is something for everyone in every stage of womanhood. We will meet you where you are and help take your fitness goals to a whole new level!

What Our
Members Say

I am so grateful for Fitness on the Fox! Not only has it motivated me to start working out again, but it's given me amazing social opportunities. My kids LOVE the kids camp and being able to have weekly play dates and I love being able to socialize with other moms. If you are a mom looking for an inclusive environment while getting an intense workout in this is for you!

- Keri


The Community

The Fitness on the Fox community extends outside of our fitness classes. Our community connects instructors and clients beyond the workout, and our complimentary fitness challenges will keep you motivated. We set our expectations high so you will always be pushed to work hard and see results! 


On top of working hard we also like to have some fun outside of our classes. Fitness on the Fox has a scheduled Women’s-Night Out, Family event, and multiple meetups for our little foxes each month.

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